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Discover brilliance in every role as you meet our exceptional team, the heartbeat of our success.

Adeel Javed Rana

Leader, Web3 & Marketplace

Adeel Javed Rana leads mEinstein’s Web3 and marketplace initiatives. His expertise in blockchain technology and smart contracts drives innovation in decentralized data management. Adeel’s work is pivotal in creating a secure, transparent, and user-centric data marketplace, enhancing mEinstein’s value proposition

Krati Vyas

Global Market Strategy Leader

Krati Vyas heads the global market strategy for mEinstein, bringing strategic vision and insights into market trends and user needs. Her expertise in crafting and executing market strategies ensures that mEinstein’s solutions resonate globally, driving user adoption and market expansion


Lead Architect for mEinstein Mobile App

ChatGPT Shashi, with 10+ years in mobile technology, leads as mEinstein's chief architect, driving architecture development and QA. Her expertise ensures scalable, efficient, user-friendly designs that uphold high standards of performance and reliability, delivering an innovative mobile experience.

Vikas Tank

Full-Stack Platform Engineer

Vikas Tak is a talented full-stack platform engineer at mEinstein. He contributes to the development and maintenance of mEinstein’s core infrastructure, ensuring a cohesive and efficient platform. Vikas’s expertise in both front-end and back-end technologies is crucial to our technical success.

Prashant Srinivas

SEO and Marketing

Prashant Srinivas is the SEO and marketing expert at mEinstein. His role involves amplifying mEinstein’s online presence through effective search engine optimization and digital marketing strategies. Prashant’s efforts ensure that mEinstein reaches and engages the right audience, driving growth and visibility.

Sakina Ali

Social Media Management & Content

Sakina manages mEinstein’s social media and content strategy. Her creativity and communication skills help build a strong online community and foster user engagement. Sakina’s work ensures that mEinstein’s unique offerings are effectively communicated through engaging and informative content

Sankalp Verma

Full-Stack Front-End Engineer

Sankalp specializes in front-end development at mEinstein, ensuring that our user interface is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. His attention to detail and design excellence make interacting with mEinstein a delightful experience.


Full-Stack Platform Engineer

Lalit is a key member of mEinstein’s full-stack platform engineering team. He works alongside Vikas to build and optimize our infrastructure, ensuring that our platform remains robust, scalable, and secure

Garima Bansal

Quality Assurance Analytics

Garima is responsible for quality assurance and user experience auditing. She ensures that our products meet high standards of functionality and provide an intuitive user experience


Web3 Engineer

Prabhansh brings his expertise in Web3 technologies to mEinstein, focusing on developing and integrating blockchain solutions. His work is crucial in maintaining the transparency and security of our decentralized data marketplace

Saksham Srivastava

Full-Stack Front-End Engineer

Saksham Srivastava is dedicated to enhancing mEinstein’s front-end experience, ensuring that our interface is user-friendly and responsive. His skills in front-end development contribute to a seamless and engaging user experience

Aditi Soni

Frontend Developer

Aditi specializes in website development, bringing designs to life with her coding expertise. She ensures that our web presence is both functional and visually appealing

Nachiket Soni

Node Developer

Nachiket leads our blockchain initiatives, implementing cutting-edge technology to secure and innovate our digital transactions and data management systems.

Tushar Pawar

Python Developer

Tushar also focuses on backend development, working alongside Vikas to optimize our server-side operations and enhance the performance and reliability of our services.

Raman Sikarwar

Graphic and Motion Designer

Raman is our creative force behind all graphics and video content. His skills in visual storytelling help engage our audience and enhance our brand's visual identity.

Vishal Tiwari

QA Expert

Vishal Tiwari, mEinstein's seasoned QA expert, ensures top-quality mobile app standards through meticulous testing, issue resolution, and enhancing team effectiveness for flawless user experiences.

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