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Enhance your financial moves with AI-powered suggestions
Get AI powered suggestions based on your goals, automate financial tasks, ask the assistant for financial knowledge & dominate your financial game today!

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Always one step ahead with spending prediction
Receive predictions about your spending and bills based on your history and always be prepared for any upcoming scenario
Understand your financial outlook with personalized insights
Create a bulletproof strategy. Detect and correct those tiny patterns that don't seem problematic but in the long run have a big impact on your finances.
  • Detect when your expenses begin to increase.
  • Get notified when services you pay for raise their prices.
  • Recognize expenses that will impact your budget in the long run.
  • Get alerts for Online & Subscription Spending.
  • Much more.
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The power of Artificial General Intelligence is here.
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Managing your personal finances is now like a game
Are you winning? Well, It's your turn to do so. Forget about formulas or spreadsheets & welcome automated financial knowledge and tasks.

Get automated balance & spending reports, financial knowledge alerts & suggestions just for you
Support at every step with the Financial Simulator
Use the financial simulator to understand what to do in different financial scenarios so that you are prepared for anything.
Whatever situation you think is coming your way, run it by the AI assistant and get immediate suggestions so you are prepeared to ake the right actions when needed.
The next generation of AI assistants
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