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Giving the power back where it belongs
Be part of the unique community that collaborates with the evolution of the world's first Community Driven AI assistant
Suggest & Collaborate
Suggest new skills you’d like mE AI to acquire & engage in open topics with the community in exchange for rewards.
Vote to approve upcoming features & skills for mE AI to acquire. Approved suggestions from our community get boosted reward points.
Get Rewards
Every interaction sums up points you can later redeem for real cash and mE Community benefits.
Collaborate to create the AI you want
Answer to Polls and Votes to choose the best skills & features you’d like mE AI to acquire to match your needs, engage in Open Talks to generate insights & get paid for your contribution

The Community Framework: A place we build together
The community framework is where we all get together and collaborate to evolve mE AI to be exactly what we want it to be and need to be.
Navigate through hundreds of Topics, Polls & Votes to collaborate, win points & badges, enhance your reputation & redeem your rewards.
Earn rewards through collaboration, engagement and contribution.
The Community Framework allows you to get rewarded for every single contribution you do. Each vote, poll or talk you engage with will allow you to generate points you can later redeem for real cash in the Data Store.
  • Monetize your insights & collaboration
  • Get monthly rewards and redeem them for real cash
  • Access exclusive benefits for the mE Community.
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The power of Artificial General Intelligence is here.

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Redeem your points in the Data Marketplace:
The Data Store is where we get to monetize our Personal Data and efforts in the community Framework. Every contribution you make will sum up points in your Community Card, you can later redeem all your points in the Data Store.
Build a monthly income based on your data and insights
Gamified collaboration:
Level up, score points, and collect Badges
Earn points for collaborating with the community to level up, unlock and collect badges, build a reputation and earn mE Community benefits
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Be part of the unique community that collaborates with the evolution of the world's first community Driven AI assisstant

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