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What is Data Ownership?

Data Ownership is the right that all members of the digital world have to completly control their personal & private data so that they dont risk their privacy, lose their security, and/or forfeit their freedom of speech.

How can you Own your data?

It allows members of digital platforms to delete or even monetize their personal data at will.

How can you Prevents Unethical Use of data?

Restricts unethical use of data by companies that acquire it.

What will be the Key for a transparent future mE?

Data Ownership is the only way to heal the deep trust issues between users and technology providers created by unethical apps and platforms, and is the key to creating a fair and transparent industry.

How Big Tech's & Data Brokers use your data?

Data Brokers

Data Brokers are companies that recollect your data in all possible and existing ways and then sell it to governments, other companies, marketing agencies, and really anyone who is willing to buy them. It's estimated that they make over $200 Billion dollars yearly selling your data. Shouldn't you get a cut? Keep reading.

Big Tech's

Malicious Big Tech are companies that create platforms or services that people use or need in a daily basis but they do not respect privacy terms or they look for loopholes to jump over them in some way and then exploit your data creating predictive models that allow them to understand your personality to make their ads more effective. Have you talked about a product and suddenly an ad appears about it? Time to recover our privacy, don't you think?

What is decentralization? And why its so awesome

Decentralization mainly refers to the change of power in the decision-making structure of a system. In a decentralized app, the app’s features and all or most of its data are in the power of each member that is part of the app or platform, in our case the mE community, meaning all your personal information stays with you, and no one else. Isn’t that awesome?

Privacy & Freedom: Your personal data always stays with you, no one can exploit it for ads, political purposes, or more

Anti-Censorship:Since data is not being controlled by one single entity, so no one can shut you down no matter what.

Data Ownership: Allows members of a platform to control what they want to do with their data.

Security: If a malicious person or institution wanted to hack the data from the platform it would have to individually hack every single user making it virtually impossible.

Centralized Apps and why they must become obsolete

Centralized apps keep all your data on their servers and everything is controlled from their side, members of these apps have no real privacy or control over their personal data.

NO Data Ownership:No control over personal data, Zero, Nada.

Security & exposure: Since all data is stored in one single place, your personal data is susceptible to being hacked or used in unethical ways.

Censorship: Since all power relies on one single entity, they have the power to shut you down.

How mEinstein AI fights for Data Ownership

Empowering the community through the power of AI and Decentralization is our core mission. mEinstein AI is not only a NEXT-GEN conversational AI assistant capable of providing suggestions & recommendations to achieve a balanced life... It’s also the world’s first Community Driven and Decentralized AI assistant.

Data Store:Using the data store we empower our members to own complete control over their data to Sell or Delete it, at will. You can now make a monthly income based on your personal data. Why? because you deserve it.

Community FrameworkWe are the community-driven AI, so we created a unique framework that allows our community to vote and collaborate with the evolution of the AI assistant. We believe that AI is for communities to benefit from and we want to include our whole community in the process of creating an amazing future for everyone.

Decentralized Marketplace: Meet the first marketplace that allows you to sell or find experts without exposing your personal data to anyone. With Inverse Targeting it’s now businesses that expose their data and the AI will suggest them based on your needs.

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Data Brokers make $200 Billion selling your data. Monetize your data. Get your cut today!

mEinstein AI’s Data Store lets you sell or delete your data, having complete control over it. Use the assistant, let your data pile up, select the type of data you want to sell, and create a monthly income based on your usage.

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The community framework is where we all get together and collaborate to evolve mE AI to be exactly what we want it to be and need to be. Navigate through hundreds of Topics, Polls & Votes to collaborate, win points & badges, enhance your reputation & redeem your rewards.

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