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mEinstein AI - Your Personal Genius

The World's First Community Driven AI

Personalized suggestions, insights & reminders to achieve your personal goals.

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AI Assistant

Personalized Suggestions, Insights & Conversational AI

Decentralized & Private

Personal data lives in your device and not our servers.

Community Driven

Community votes & collaborates with the evolution of the AI

Data Ownership

Total control to Sell or Delete your data

Service Marketplace

Connect to expert services that can help you.

mEinstein AI also known as mE AI, was trained for over 4 years to become an expert in some of the most fundamental areas of life to help us make informed decisions, and make our daily routine a little bit easier.

    Meet our Conversational AI Assistant

    A new way to interact with AI

      Open knowledge through the power of AI

      AI can help us all achieve enhanced decision making skills that allow us to achieve our personal goals.

      • Personal Finances - Personal Care - Predictive Maintenance - Family Care - Traveling
      • AI trained by experts to provide personalized suggestions to achieve your goals.
      • Automate time consuming tasks like budgeting - cashflow - vacation planning - among others.
      • Get reminders for family chores & alerts for predictive maintenance for you car or home.
      • Connect with experts on the service marketplace to further assist you.
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      AI for Personal Finances

      Get AI powered suggestions based on your goals, automate financial tasks, ask the assistant for financial knowledge & dominate your financial game today!

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      AI for family activities.

      A true companion for family chores and organization. Reminders, alerts and suggestions for every member of the family. Organize and find new activities to stay more connected than ever.

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      AI for a healthy lifestyle

      Set your wellness goals, get suggestions, activities and ideas to achieve them in no time. From ideas for complete healthy recipes, workout plans and meditation sessions.

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      Explore Mode - AI for adventures

      Explore Mode is packed with over 24,000 destinations. Now you can ask mE AI to create a complete vacation plans based on your likes and budget, from plane tickets, hotels, restaurants & experiences.

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      How it works

      Just tell mE AI about the goals you want to achieve, mE AI will help you get there.

        Interview with the AI
        Interview with the AI

        Tell the AI about your goals and basic information so it can help you

        Assistant learns from you
        Assistant learns from you

        AI will learn about you & your goals to do its magic

        AI expert suggestions
        AI expert suggestions

        Start receiving suggestions & insights to achieve your goals

        The Data Ownership Revolution

        Take control back

        Data Brokers make $200 Billion selling your data. Monetize your data. Get your cut today!

        Time to give control back to the community. With mE AI you have full control of your data and your privacy. Sell or Delete your data as you wish.

        • Monetize & control your personal data
        • Achieve complete privacy and security
        • Own your personal data
        • Join our revolution today
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        Meet Data Xchange

        Achieve a monthly income stream based on your personal data.

        mEinstein AI’s Data Store lets you sell or delete your data, having complete control over it.

        Use the assistant, let your data pile up, select the type of data you want to sell, and create a monthly income stream based on your usage.

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          Inverse Targeting

          Decentralized Marketplace

          For a long time platforms have exposed your personal data to be able to advertise services and products based on your demographics, likes, behaviour among others.

          NOT ANYMORE, mEinstein AI’s Decentralized marketplace gives the power to users. It's the AI who matches your needs to experts who can help you only when you need to and want to. No one can access or see your personal data, not even us.

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