Meet mEinstein AI

A new  way of interacting with AI

One AI assistant – 6 knowledge areas

mEinstein also known as mE, trained for over 4 years to become an expert in some of the most fundamental domains of life to help us make informed decisions, guide, advise, and make our overwhelming daily life routine a little bit easier.


By continuously learning and providing suggestions and recommendations to the community in the areas like:

Personal Finance  –  Personal Care – Family Care –  Car & Home Maintenance – Travel & Vacation

How it Works

A new way of interacting with AI

Financial AI Agent

Let mEinstein AI’s Financial Agent was trained by financial experts to help you make financial moves like a PRO, from keeping an eye on savings, to performing impact analyses before making any purchase, the mE financial advisor will change the way to think about finances. Financial knwoledge accesible for everyone.

AI for Personal Care

mEinstein AI was trained by experts to help you with Nutrition, Sports & Mental balance. mE AI can suggest meditation sessions, better diets, enhanced workout sessions or even connect you with professional services to help you reach the next level.

Explore Mode

mEinstein AI knows more than 24.000 destinations, hotels, restaurants & experiences. It can automatically create travel plans on its own. All based on your likes and budget, from your flight ticket, hotels you are staying at to the experiences that better match your profile.

Predictive Maintenance - Car & Home

mEinstein AI can detect and predict when your car needs maintenance according to your model, mileage, regions among others. mE AI will suggest the best time & place to do so, so you only pay what’s fair and necessary. 

Our Home is like our sanctuary, taking care of it is fundamental for a balanced life. mEinstein AI will ask you what type of place you have, region you live, the available infrastructure among others and will suggest maintenance tasks and service providers to do them so you always have a safe and working environment.

Financial Simulator

mE’s Financial Simulator helps you understand your situation and the best moves to improve it so that you can achieve your goals in no time

Service Marketplace

AI powered marketplace that helps businesses connect automatically with users’ needs in a completely decentralized, fair and unbiased marketplace that connects users to more than 80 million service providers.

Join the mission to open knowledge through the power of AI

Our mission is to open knowledge & give power back to the community through the power of AI.  To do so we need the community to have control even at corporate levels. Become a early investor and join our mission to create an awsome future for EVERYONE.

The Community Driven AI

Open knowledge to achieve personal goals Because, we all deserve it. Dont we?

Community Framework


  • Data Ownership

    The “mE” Community has the ability to sell or delete its own data, no one else

  • Community driven

    The Community votes and collaborates in the evolution of the AI.

  • Decentralized

    mEinstein lives on your device and not our servers,
    it is 100% private and secure.

  • Private

    All personal & generated data stays in your device,
    nowhere else.

The Next Generation of AI Assistants is here


LEAD INVESTORS – Energy Ventures Group

Energy Ventures Group (“EVG”) is a private equity investor who invests in clean energy generation and storage as well as potentially highly impactful start-up technology companies. EVG invested in mEinstein (“mE”) for the following three core reasons:

  1. Compelling use case given that AI is brought to bear automating life’s monotonous, yet important tasks. This is done while simultaneously enabling users to completely control their privacy and allowing them to benefit financially from the use of mE. In short, mE gives the power of AI directly to the user/community, as opposed to a large tech company or advertiser, which we feel will make its continued use, by the community, compelling;
  2. Their technology likely creates a strong and defensible “moat;” while also offering a potential large investment return, given that the Total Addressable Market for this service is estimated at over $62 billion in 2020; and
  3. mE has compiled a strong team, which we believe is well positioned to execute on their vision.”
Mark Iamonaco

CEO & Co-Founder, Energy Ventures Group

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