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Welcome to Data Marketplace
Data Brokers make $200 Billion selling your data. Monetize your data. Get your cut today!
mEinstein AI’s Data Marketplace lets you sell or delete your data, having complete control over it. Use the AI, sell your data and create a monthly data income stream.

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App usage generates data that you can sell
More usage, More data, More Rewards!
Many apps collect your data and then sell it to data brokers without asking or giving you anything in exchange. Not with mEinstein AI! Every MB of data you generate belongs to you!
Data Monetization made possible
Select, Sell & Redeem
How to monetize your data in 3 steps:
  • Use mE AI for whatever you need
  • Select data from your usage to put up for sale
  • Redeem for real CASH
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The power of Artificial General Intelligence is here.
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Love privacy huh? This is for you
Delete your Data. Full control, is now in your hands.
Having full control feels good, that's why now you can decide exactly what you want to do with your personal data.
Delete, Sell it, or keep it, the choice is yours, because now you have one. Join today.
Redeem your cash
Easy, Fast & Accessible for everyone
Go to checkout, choose the amount you want to redeem, select where to make the deposit and just like that, you've monetized your data.
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