If you have an idea that would uplift society,
would you keep it to yourself?.

Meet mEinstein.

Your Community Driven Cognitive Shadow Brain

AI Advisior

AI Advisor for your daily life

mEinstein has been built to help you in in your daily life. It can assist you in your finances, personal care, family care, activities, home maintenance, auto maintenance and vacations. Soon it will be able to help with your career, entertainment, shopping among other things.

While doing all of these, it keeps an eye the overall impact on your finances – what and how much you can afford, impacts of expenses, prioritizing expenses, how much you need to save and spend and much more.

As an example, if you ask mE that you want to buy a boat next year for $50,000 it will advise you whether it is advisable or affordable or not. If you have auto and home maintenances coming up it can tell you when it is due, how much it will cost, whether it is within budget or not and how to prioritize them.

If you want to take a vacation it has the intelligence to decide how much you can spend, where you should go taking in to account your and your family’s activities and interests.

And there is lot more that mE can do. Just try it out. mE was designed keeping you in mind and your daily life challenges.