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Take care of your Finances & Family

Take care of your Finances & Family

One of the biggest challenges in most people’s lives is keeping track of expenses and their impact of your overall financial well-being.

When you go to a restaurant there is no immediate way to know how much you can spend without negatively impacting other priorities in your life.

When an unexpected home repair or car maintenance comes up it is hard to decide whether to use a credit card or savings to make those payments and how these expenses would have a bearing on other important things (e.g. children’s education fund.) in your life

Planning for recurring summer camps for children or yearly vacations, is draining on finances and seldom do we have insights on how much we can really afford.

Purchasing a summer home or luxury boat is a hard decision, but mE uses AI to determine when it can be realized. mE was designed with a financial engine (neural network) at its core with the firm belief that any human action has a financial impact and it is important to have a holistic understanding of it.

It is applicable to everybody and anybody. Even a painter who just wants to paint needs to know how much he needs to keep aside for his supplies, daily expenses, and production costs.

Nothing is more important than the well-being of the self and family.

mE has this covered for you. From simple things from monthly visit to the salon, elder parent’s care, childcare and pet care we have it all covered.

It will advise you when an upcoming visit to the nail salon should be planned. If your parents need assistance it will plan on your behalf. If you children need day care after school hours, it can automatically sense and take the necessary actions.

If it finds that you are planning a vacation, and if you own a pet it will arrange for pet boarding for the duration of the vacation. Soon we will also be expanding this to health and wellness.