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Meet mEinstein.

Your Community Driven Cognitive Shadow Brain

Global Marketplace to Sell Your Services and Products

Global Marketplace to Sell Your Services and Products

In the process of helping its users, mE creates a global marketplace of service and product opportunities, and to participate in it is quite easy.

As a service provider, when you get a call, SMS or email from mE informing you of an opportunity, you need to visit the meinstein.ai website and go to the “Service Provider Dashboard” and register along with a valid OTP code.

Once registered you will see opportunities waiting for you.

If you want to be a service provider, you can register and create a profile and indicate the areas of service you provide. You do not have to have any web presence to be a mE Service Provider. If you have one, you can link your existing website and upload content. That is it and we will start sending opportunities your way.