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Auto and Home Maintenances

Auto and Home Maintenance

We have made Auto and Home Maintenance easy for you. Once mE knows the cars and properties you own, it can start providing advice on when upcoming maintenance is due, how much it would likely cost, the frequency of the maintenance, when it should be done, and then find service providers that can do the job.

All you must do is let mE know the VIN of your car and the location of your car and properties.

It can also tell you what parts will need to be fixed on your car and then help you find and shop for them. For home appliances and equipment, it can help you with maintenance schedules and approximate costs. For any new home improvements e.g. a patio it can help you understand the financial impact, find a service provider and schedule appointments.

Managing your cars and homes has never been easier.

Just ask mE to shadow on your behalf the rest you can leave to mE.