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Meet mEinstein.

Your Community Driven Cognitive Shadow Brain

Activities, Interests and Vacations

Activities, Interests and Vacations

From personal and family’s activities, interests, and vacations mE has been designed to be your personal butler to assist in all these tasks.

As a learning system, mE understands your needs and starts advising and making appointments or reservations on your behalf. Over time mE gets smarter with more use and the predictions and reliability gets even more comprehensive.

If you have a child. through his growing years mE can advise you what kind of activities the child could do, taking into consideration the neighborhood and town you live in, and affordability, among other things. Even when your child is ready for a credit card, mE will be there to prompt you. When your child is ready to learn to ride a bicycle will not only remind you but also find bicycle online to purchase.

It can also plan vacations for you, taking into account upcoming vacation breaks, activities, and interests of your entire family, as well as affordability.

For vacations, mE has a complete internal travel reservation system, which can searve as one stop shop for all your needs.

And mE can do much more. You would not know until you try it. So, give it a shot.